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Beaconhurst Equine Appraisals

From bozal, to four reins, to bit, we offer a complete
training service for your Peruvian Paso Horse.

Whether you trail ride your show horse or show your
trail horse, our unique location allows us to offer our
equine clients the very best of both experiences. 
By combining traditional Peruvian training methods
with resistance free training, we give your gaited
horse the best chance to reach its full potential.

Whether starting a youngster, correcting existing
problems, or just putting the finishing touches on
a trained horse, we offer our horses a stress free
environment in which to learn.

We also offer our equine clients the benefits of massage, lazar and magnetic therapies whenever necessary.  Working with your veterinary professional to speed healing from accidents or work related injuries.

E-mail:    Tel: 905.983.9974

Beaconhurst Stable Training Service

Providing full service Equine Appraisals.

Protect your investment by first establishing correct
market value when insuring your horse.

¨ For legal matters, wills, partnerships, matrimonial

¨ For sales, transfers or any other financial transactions
involving banks or other lending institutions.

Appraisals include:    Inspection at the horse’s location.
Thorough analysis of the horse, including pedigree, conformation, accomplishments (training, show or race records, and intended use).
Complete written report with photographs and pedigrees (where applicable) to satisfy all legal, financial or insurance concerns.

Contact us, by email or telephone for a free no obligation consultation.
Fully insured and strictly confidential.
E-mail: Tel: 905.983.9974